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Building future-proof organizations and society.
From the human perspective. 


The best kept secret:

In the beginning there was just three of us

Back then 15/30 was purely about market research. We understood quickly, that this is not the way we want to go: market research is, in the end, about the things that have already happened. We wanted to look forward, so we brought in the instruments of insight. This was the first big step, the first big transformation.

However, there is no shortage of information in this world. Quite the opposite, actually. There was a need to take things further, if we really wanted to make a difference: so let’s bring in conceptualization and service design. With the best research, deep insight, well designed information, and true impact, we started to become who we are now.

We’re going to say out loud what most companies are afraid to confess: it really hasn’t been easy. We have taken great risks, we have operated in financially challenging times, and we have pushed forward with only little resources. Our organization has grown drastically, bringing in new challenges. But all this is our strength: even in the face of difficulty, we have held onto what is important to us and we have not only survived, but flourished. While we have moved forward, the sun of market research has set. If we hadn’t had the courage to transform ourselves, we wouldn’t be here now.

Now our team has grown a lot as we have gathered together the best people. Our team has created work that inspires us and kept building potential. We have created an intriguing, well liked brand and we have learned from our team and our clients. We are now moving from research towards more concrete results and greater impact with creativity and design as our aces. The next step is going international, and you know what? We are ready.

There’s a lot of companies that tell you what you should do. We don’t just tell – we are walking the same path with you. We believe in going towards the great unknown, walking the uncharted territory. Taking the best road instead of the easiest one.    


AND now we’re taking the next step. Come and take it with us.




A big, abstract word that manifests in concrete ways in our actions. We do what we love and we feed the freedom with trust and responsibility. (Vaatii kolmannen rivin tekstiä tasausta varten.)


We believe in constant learning. We think it’s vital to keep learning more about ourselves, others and the world around us.


We are a people-first company. We care about our clients and our co-workers, and we want it to show. There is no 15/30 without the people in and around it.


We always aim to the best, whether it is our products and services, us as professionals, or us as a company. It is easy to be ambitious when you do what you love. 




We like the world and we want to take care of it. That’s why we won’t take on projects that we can’t stand behind. Being ethical matters.


We’re nice. We also want to work with nice people, not surround us with rudeness or bad behaviour.


With great ambition comes great stress. However, burnouts are not cool. Wellbeing is most important, for it leads to better results and because we care about our team.


Because we base our work on trust, equality, openness and working together, micromanagement doesn’t fit our style.