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NANOhabits™, service desigN & insights




Our mission is to help our partners create massive impact on their operational environments. We believe in co-creating exceptional customer experiences and in developing agile organisational cultures that are not just future-proofed, but future-anticipating. 

We believe that impact consists of two components: insights and actions. Insights reveal the needs of the customer, lighting the pathway to goals and helping us to future-proof. Actions transform our insight into actuality.  We provide you with both.




Nanohabits™ is the latest tool for organisational change and learning. Unlike traditional consultancy, it focuses on refining and co-creating the daily activities of employees, rather than tackling organisational protocols and practices. With just 10 mins of guided daily actions, Nanohabits™ helps users to anchor professional excellence into their everyday professional lives. 


○ Insights and Foresights
○ Successful Sales
○ Exceptional Customer Experience
○ Effective Execution
○ Agile and Innovative Cultures
○ Great Team Leaders

You can benefit from Nanohabits™ when there are difficulties in your organisation to turn ideas into actions. Nanohabits™ also help you when you want to propel yourself or your employees from average to exceptional via carefully designed activities.

Research & Insight

Our work is based on studying human behavior more than a decade.  We utilise the latest in research, service design and co-creation methods. We study human behavior but most importantly, we help you to inject insight into your organisational DNA. This means that we help you to develop insight competencies for your own organisation.      

Our services

○  Nanohabits™ for Insight and Foresight  
○  Insight & Foresight
○  Ethnography, Observation and Interviews
○  Customer & User Value Maps
○  Data visualization, Infographics, Trend Maps

You can benefit from these services when you are crafting strategies, forecasting trends, collecting insights, creating insight competencies for your organisation or gathering information on your customers or employees. 

Design & Co-creation

We specialize in design cases that deal with supercharging sales, creating insight capabilities, creating exceptional customer experiences or building agile and innovative organizational cultures. We also help you to create design and co-creation capabilities for your organisation. 

People are always at the center of our service and culture design projects.  We utilize co-creative methods.

Our services

○  Co-creative Customer Experience Design
○  Co-creative Employee Experience Design
○  Designing Insight Capabilities
○  Designing Agile and Innovative Cultures
○  Innovation Strategy, Processes, Toolkits
○  Bootcamps, Competitions