Toni Paloheimo

Toni Paloheimo

+358 400 288 208

Toni is our grandpa. He’s trying the survive the jokes by efficiently hiding his grey hair. Counterweighting his deficiencies he carries a vast experience from various leadership positions in large and small organisations. That helps him to maintain his calm posture with the frisky team and steer it with a steady hand. Endless curiosity and enthusiasm keep him flying high all of the time. 


Markus Keränen

+358 400 169 199

Multitalented Markus boasts know-how and experience throughout many fields; from leading a design company to multivariate statistical analysis and digital arts. Currently, his focus is centred on Nanohabits™. He is passionate about studying habits of great companies and extraordinary individuals. His ability to think outside of the box makes him a truly valuable asset for clients. 

Mikko Ampuja

Mikko Ampuja

Director | senior consultant
+358 50 3067000

Jack of all trades and master of some. Well rounded and experienced, Mikko can handle almost anything thrown at him. He’s at his best when trying to make sense out of complex environments. 

Murray Dick.jpg


Experience | Habit Designer
+358 45 1877800

Murray is the crazy ideator of the group.
He inspires those around him with radical thinking and an unbridled enthusiasm for just about everything. Right now, his attention is fixated on professional habits and helping Nanohabits™ users to find the right balance between fun and functionality.

Ville-Martti Kokkonen

ville-martti kokkonen

+358 40 7186652

Ville-Martti is the most recent addition to our team. He brings extensive experience within consulting, sales, information management and process development to the projects and operations of 15/30. Ville-Martti is at his best when providing value to the customer; combining winning ideas from different industry fields. His passion is to boost organizations way of working by bringing fresh perspectives & ideas which are developed from never-ending curiosity in employee potential and business of all kind.

Anna-Kaisa Karhujoki


Partnership Developer
+358 44 522 4023


Anna-Kaisa is focused on developing strong partnerships with 15/30 clients and friends. Additionally, she brings her skills and knowledge to our client projects.



GREAT new talents

Are you looking for new opportunities in a design company? We are growing and searching continuously for new members to join our family. We have only two criteria: you are among the very best in your craft or you have incredibly strong will to become the best you can be. Check our culture deck for more info.