15/30 Research


What people are saying about us

We have carried out dozens if not hundreds of projects, the size of which has varied from fifteen-minute minilectures to research projects spanning several years. Following are examples of how our customers have experienced collaboration with us.

”I think fresh and visionary are the right words to describe 15/30 Research’s work. New information has been acquired and it’s been used in new ways. It already shows in the research report’s exterior, but also in the way it’s been processed. I haven’t seen this kind of research report before and we’ve gotten more than we were expecting: procedural recommendations and reading to last for a long time. Anyone can go through the report and pick out relevant things for themselves and its lifespan is fairly long. In our case Mikko reminded us that existing information isn’t helpful in itself but you have to know how to package information and make it interesting in order to produce visible results.”

Pauli Forma, director of research and development, Keva

”We got a good foundation on the area’s various trends from the trend map to support our own work. The workshops were well moderated, and 15/30 did a good job crystallizing matters considered by our own experts. Good things about the process were especially the widening of our point of view outside our own area of expertise and the discussion and exchange of ideas between people, without forgetting the concrete.”

Pia Åkerberg, customer group chief, Finland’s Slot Machine Association

”We’ve gotten good feedback from the trend map process participants. We got the opportunity to talk about our future internally over unit borders. A big lesson our organization learned was that, in order to be able to react to change, you have to know things and be able to act. The material was very well prepared and the execution was strong. The forecasted future came partially true in half a year, and the new working environment and new ways of working are becoming part of our everyday work life.”

Pirjo Tiainen, assistant director, personnel and strategic planning, MTV Media

”Working with 15/30 Research is always a journey into the unknown. The world looks different, you hear and see a reality that is already at hand or lurking around the corner.”

– Marko Kulmala, CEO, Insano Productions Oy

”In 15/30 Research three important areas are combined: research, facilitation, and communications. This is a boon to customers. We weren’t left alone with the research results; the researchers familiar with the target group also made suggestions for communications.

Concrete procedural planning was continued at youth events coordinated by Mikko. New sorts of methods were visible at these events. A nice thing about Mikko’s modus operandi has been that youth have been simultaneously taught about communications at these events, for example interview practice.

It’s obvious that you follow what is happening in the wider world of youth communications and that seminar participants get a good understanding of what’s going on. You can always use perspective on your daily work. In addition 15/30 seems like a nice bunch, it’s flexible and sufficiently small. Things are developed and built in true collaboration with the customer.”

Sirpa Kärkkäinen, account manager, Finnish Forest Association

”15/30 Research came to my attention for the first time at the National Youth Study publishing event many years ago. Already then I was left with the impression of a capable and enthusiastic reasearch group. When NCC needed a study of residential trends that would also make use of the organization’s internal information, 15/30 Research’s trend research came up as one option.

At last the scales were tipped by recommendations from colleagues at other firms. We have also been particularly satisfied. The trend map is clear, visual, and good as a concept. 15/30 Research has a fresh, wide-ranging take on research. They have professional pride and inspiration, which feeds a fluent collaboration.”

Virpi Hartikainen, chief of marketing and research, NCC Construction Oy

”Our project dealt with the municipality field’s attractive characteristics from the youth point of view. All has gone very well, communication has been good, there has been flexibility while staying on schedule. Even though we’ve already paid the bill, help is always available. I can recommend 15/30 research to the municipality field.”

Eeva-Kaisa Kivistö, marketing planner, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities

”In the trend map project it became clear to us which trends are important from the point of view of our activities. An outside unaffiliated faction was beneficial since the goal was to expand our understanding outside our own area as well. We were also left with concrete service blanks and ideas that we can utilize in the future.”

Jaana Ahvenainen, chief of development, Viestilehdet Oy

”Pauli and Markus of 15/30 Research know their subject matter very well and their workshops are interesting and full of inspiring stories about portents of the future. Relevant living examples found in the depths of the internet around the world bring more concreteness to the presentations. They are comfortable to work with and we have always arrived at goals we’ve agreed on together. The goals of our own workshops have been, e.g., constructing trend maps having to do with our area of activity and building and strengthening brands. We would be happy to work with these collaborative and insipiring professionals in the future.”

Minna Huuhtanen, marketing manager, Haaga Institute Foundation, Haaga-Perho, Haaga-Perho

Our clients over the years have included Aller Media, Alma Media, Asuntomessut, Hartwall, Hesburger, HK Ruokatalo, Itella, Leaf Finland, NCC, Osku ry, Ruokakesko, Red Cross of Finland, Tapiola, Tikkurila, UPM, Valio, Veikkaus and Yle.