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Andres Colmenares of Wabi-Sabi Inspiration Lab to appear at Youth Marketing Day

Unfortunately Bernard Hor has been forced to cancel his appearance at Youth Marketing Day. However, we’ve found an exceptional replacement, Andres Colmenares of Barcelona, who runs his own Wabi-Sabi office.

“We explore the future and translate it for brands, companies and people connecting the digital world with real life, and viceversa.”

Andres Colmenares (born 1982) is a digital strategist and trend analyst. He currently resides in both Barcelona and his hometown of Bogota, Colombia. Colmenares has worked on a variety of consulting, design, and marketing projects over a period of 10 years in Europe, South America and the United States. Colmenares has worked with global brands as well as government and academic institutions.

As a sought-after speaker Colmenares has toured cities such as Berlin, New York, Madrid and Amsterdam. Colmenares began his career as the director and youth marketing advisor for the marketing and design departments of his own tech firm. He established the current WABI-SABI Inspiration Lab with his partner Lucy Rojas.

Other Youth Marketing Day speakers are:: 

Jukka Kurttila, Bob Helsinki – How to market to youth? Case study: Kristal, the Blingströms and Saunalahti
Samil Aledin, Development of brand relationships during teenagerhood
Samyak Chakrabarty, Electronic Youth Media – 5 Indian youth brands that will take over the world
Sami Myllyniemi, Youth research network – Perspectives on youth research. What has changed in the lives of youth?

Chairman Mikko Ampuja (15/30 Research) offers thoughts, study results and case studies to spark discussion between speakers.

Youth Marketing Day is on 23 November 2010 from 8 AM to 1 PM in Helsinki

During the day’s program there will be thought-provoking presentations, good discussion, and interesting people! Sign up via email: mikko.ampuja(at)1530.fi