15/30 Research


Here it comes again!

The theme of this year’s National Youth Study is reaching the youth. Ways of reaching them include diverse themes from the media, marketing and communications. We will also be measuring the popularity of brands again.

We are interested in text, visual and aural representation, and video. We don’t sideline event, content, or guerrilla marketing. Although social and digital media are hot at the moment, we also look into the world of print and other physical media.

We enrich the study material with case studies of new, inventive youth communications models. We reflect on hot youth phenomena and trends, which inescapably have effects on brand relationships.

The study will be ready by 20 June 2013, when it will be available for the use of our customers. An official publication function will be organized in August.

If you are interested in the study and the questions it will pose, contact us and tell us your ideas. Your contribution could be something we ourselves hadn’t thought of asking our youth subjects!

In pricing the fast eat the slow: 

Early Bird: 3200€ + VAT (until 3 May)
Spring Bird: 3800€ + VAT (4 May – 20 June)
Late Bird: 4200€ + VAT (20 June onward)

And by the way, if youth aren’t your thing, we’re also currently at work on a National Senior Study (over 55 year-olds). You can learn more about that from Mikko (see contact information below).

Further information:: 

Pauli Komonen
040 7436 990

Mikko Ampuja
050 306 7000