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A creative research agency delivering future-proof growth.

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What We Do

At 15/30 Research we analyze, conceptualize, and develop things that matter to you.

We research the present and anticipate the future. We uncover the big picture of society and the market, yet get up close to the lives of individuals. We publish studies that spark discussion and develop solutions to make your and your clients’ lives easier. We create a working environment that is relaxed and fun, yet passionate and professional. At our core you will find future-proof growth combined with humanity and good times.

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How We Can Help You

We always get started by tailoring our methods to your needs and interests.

Our team comprises of professionals from the fields of business, education, social sciences, and service design. Our research will provide you with general information about the masses but will also give you a deeper look at separate individuals’ lives, and thus help you see the world from new perspectives. We create information that transforms into real-life solutions and actions.

Our findings we turn into text, graphics, videos, presentations, even cartoons – we report to inspire! Besides Finland, we can also collect and attain data from other countries. Our vast experience in trend and future research ensures our studies help you navigate the future with confidence.

We aim for quick trials and swift progression. For our co-creation projects we recruit the top experts and the most creative minds directly from your target group. Our experience as performers, educators and facilitators doesn’t only make us easy to approach but ensures that our presentations, workshops and events take the participants to the road of discovery and realization.

In my opinion, fresh and visionary are just the right words to describe the work of 15/30 Research. We got a lot of new information and learned new ways to use it.

- Pauli Forma, R&D Director Keva

The Trend Map gave us a solid overview of different trends to support our work. The workshops were moderated well and 15/30 summed up our staff’s thoughts better than ever.

- Pia Åkerberg, customer group manager Finland’s Slot Machine Association (Ray)

The material was prepared very well and the quality of work was high. The predictions were partially realized in just six months.

- Pirjo Tiainen, assistant director, hr and strategic planning Mtv Media

Working with 15/30 Research means an adventure into the unknown. You see the world in a new light. You hear and see a future that is just around the corner.

- Marko Kulmala, CEO Insano Productions Ltd

15/30 Research combines three important fields: research, facilitation, and communication. We weren’t just handed the results, instead the researchers knew the target group so well that they provided us with communication suggestions.

- Sirpa Kärkkäinen, liaisons manager Finnish Forest Association

15/30 Research has a fresh, extensive take on research. They have professional pride and inspiration that make cooperation smoother.

- Virpi Hartikainen, marketing and research manager Ncc Construction Ltd

Our project has been about regional factors that create attraction from the youth point of view. Everything has been going very well: communication has worked well, everything has stayed on schedule, and… Lue koko artikkeli

- Eeva-Kaisa Kivistö, marketing designer Association Of Finnish Local And Regional Authorities

The Trend Map project helped us realize which trends are essential for our core business.

- Jaana Ahvenainen, development manager Viestilehdet LTD

Pauli and Markus know their trade very well and their workshops are interesting, full of inspiring stories about the omens of the future.

- Minna huuhtanen, marketing manager Haaga Institute Foundation, Haaga-Perho


The special unit of research and conceptualization at your service. Our staff – composed of people with diverse skills – is more than a mere book-shelf of knowledge, and that’s our secret. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us: we all are devoted to great customer service.


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