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3 small steps to create more impact on November

In the cold winds of the upcoming winter, there are a couple of things to keep you warm. Hot tea, maybe a good book – and some of our favourite tips and ideas we’d love to share with you! Enjoy.


1. Remember to stop and celebrate the small accomplishments and victories.

This might sound obvious, but it is not. Too often we forget to take a pause to be happy about the work we’ve done, even though it’s crucial for anyone’s work motivation. At the 15/30 office, we like to celebrate the past week’s good work on Fridays. It might mean a bowl of candy on the table or watching funny videos together. Sometimes there’s even cake! The main thing is to acknowledge people’s accomplishments.

2. Take small steps.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. When we thought about what kind of an agency we want to be, we ended up with ”An Elephant Eating Agency”. You need to have the small details covered to get to the big picture. Learn how to chop a huge task into smaller pieces, and you’ll get a handful of possibilities instead of one impossible challenge.

3. To create impact, you need both insight and actions. 

This idea can be found in our new slogan as well, that’s how much we believe in it. What it means in practice is that even with all the knowledge in the world, you can’t create impact if you don’t actually convert it to actions. And then again, actions without proper insight are most likely to be futile. If you have these both aspects covered (and know how to combine them), you have an opportunity to create great impact for your company. We’re the experts to help you on this journey.

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