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An inspiring internship at 15/30

Are you interested in researching the most impactive trends, finding the most creative solutions, and seeing the society and business world from new perspectives? If so, keep reading: we at 15/30 are looking for inspiring new talents to join our team! Whether your background is in engineering, IT, business, design, social sciences, or something completely different, there could be an internship waiting for you at 15/30.

Why an internship at 15/30?

We want to identify and utilise everyone’s personal talent in the best possible ways. We trust you and give you responsibility from the start. When you work with us, you won’t step into a strict trainee program. Instead, your work will be tailored for you based on your interests and skills.

What’s in it for you?

We do research on the future of work life (among a lot of other things), so we know well what skills and talents one needs to succeed in work life. As our employee, you’ll learn the most valuable skills and practices, starting from the very practical skills (such as how to use Upwork) to more abstract skills, like self-guidance. We help you to recognize your potential and provide you with the vital skills for your professional career.

What we’re looking for?

There’s three important qualities we’re looking for in an intern:

15/30 is a team of people from different backgrounds, from business pros to visual designers.  We warmly welcome new skills and look forward to add your unique personality to our team!

But don’t take just our word of the awesomness: read what our lovely interns, Salla and Maaria, have to say!

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”It has been really interesting to see how people from so different backgrounds work so well together. At 15/30, the team spirit is highly valued and invested in. So far I have mostly done research and Trend Manuals, meaning that I have been digging deep into the trends of housing, living and construction. I have also been facilitating workshops.

I love the authentic people and the positive and encouraging atmosphere of 15/30. I would absolutely recommend this to someone looking for inspiring and unique internship: I believe that a curious person who really wants to learn and grow would find what they are looking for here at 15/30.

People are definitely the strongest asset of 15/30. Everyone in the small team is lovely and the spirit is great. The time spent with co-workers outside the office hours is great as well – for example the company’s recreational day was kept a secret, and it turned out to be awesome. I really excelled myself there!”



”I’m interested in doing research, but academic research wasn’t my thing so much. I started to think different options and that’s how I found 15/30. I was immediately impressed by the interesting and varied range of projects they do. The size of the company appealed to me as well, because I like to work in small and agile organizations. The more I read about 15/30’s web page and blog, the more interesting it started to seem. I made the decision to apply during the same weekend.

The work has been intriguing and diverse. Every week has been different, but I have liked it all! I have facilitated workshops, planned and executed interviews and surveys, and done reports and presentations. I have also taken part in the client meetings and contributed in our Trend Manuals.

What I really like about 15/30 is the relaxed atmosphere and good team spirit. It is always a pleasure to come to work. 15/30 is the best place to grow into a professional, because here interns get a lot of responsibility and are encouraged to take on new tasks and challenges. However, you’re not left alone, because co-workers are always there to support and give advice. Everyone working here is easy to approach and relaxed – but they’re also talented professionals in many fields.

Great atmosphere and continuous learning make 15/30 a good place to work. It has also been inspiring to learn how to apply my studies into action! I feel that working at 15/30 has provided me with a lot of professional confidence and courage to jump into new tasks. I have also learned project management, scheduling and multitasking.

I would definitely recommend this internship to others. It’s hard to say, what individual skills or background would be ideal – I think that the most important thing is to come with an open mind and be ready to take on interesting challenges!”


If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of 15/30, please send your application and CV to mikko.ampuja[at]1530.fi and we might invite you over for a cup of coffee!