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”Build a bond with your target group” – Haastattelussa Samyak Chakrabarty

Samyak Chakrabarty
1. Tell us something about yourself?

I head the Electronic Youth Media Group (EYM), a socio-entrepreneurial venture aimed at connecting young people through different medias. I am also the Chief Youth Marketer at Concrea India’s largest Youth Marketing and Communications Agency which is a JV between EYM & The Mudra Group (India’s largest marketing communications conglomerate, also a part of the DDB Network)

2. What are the best practices when communicating with youth?

My view is that to sustainably engage youth, the methodology has to be candid & non-intrusive. It is critical to seed conversations about your brand within peer groups to effectively influence them because it is peer opinion which eventually triggers purchase / brand loyalty. Having said this, I don’t say that all young people are a part of the herd mentality – in fact I dont think they are at all – what i mean to say is that while it is fundamental to ensure that the conversations about your brand emerge bottom to top it is also crucial that young people find themselves a part of your communication story.

3. What are the most common mistakes companies make when communicating with the young?

I personally hate it when any efforts of marketing to youth is linked to ’conversions’ / ’ direct ROI’. If you want a regular engagement with your brand, young people have to really first develop a relationship with you. Especially today when there are so many choices available – the primary goal should be to build a bond with your target group and not just jump the gun with immediate sales targets.

4. What has been the most inspiring case you’ve seen lately / done yourself?

I have developed ’Yougle’ – India’s proprietary offline social network of insight seekers and conversation seeders spread across campuses throughout the country. This way, we can catch trends at their start point, use peer group members to influence opinion or get into what young people really think. Something that they will never disclose in Focused Group Discussions or Conventional Quantiative Surveys.

5. How would you advise a company / brand planning to approach the youth market? How to get started?

Since ’youth’ is not a definite set as there are so many different types of mindsets / young consumers – the brand must first decide/choose which of these sub-sets will be their primary target/beach heads who will influence consumption. Then it is important to find out what factors influence the opinion/choice of your influencing sets. If the brand is able to succesfully connect with these few sub-sets, penetrating into the others through them is a much easier process.

6. Do you think marketing to young people is different from marketing to the older generations?

While it is true that young people consume different, it should also be kept in mind that there are many products which are consumed by all age groups & therefore the communication should be based on where all mindsets (young or old) converge in thought.

7. Is there something happening in India right now that you think will spread to other countries as well?

Use of traditional mediums is resurging again because digital is not proving to be extremely effecient as the only form of communication to youth.

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