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Jeroen Boschma – How to build a brand for the Einstein Generation?

Generation Einstein
Nuorisomarkkinointipäivä saa vielä kaksi uutta maailmanluokan puhujaa, kun Jeroen Boschma Hollannista ja Samyak Chakrabarty Intiasta osallistuvat seminaariimme 26.11. omilla puheenvuoroillaan.

Jeroen on juuri julkaissut uuden kirjansa Generation Einstein 3.0, joka käsittelee markkinointia nuorille sukupolville. Jeroen on nuorisomarkkinoinnin todellinen expertti, jonka CV ja aikaansaadut tulokset puhuvat puolestaan. Hän on työskennellyt mm. Unileverin, Pepsin ja Hollannin parlamentin kanssa.

Alla Jeroenin ajatuksia nuorisomarkkinoinnista. (Lähde: Generation Einstein 3.0):

Trust and attention are gone

What are the results of all our efforts to reach the youth of today? We lost their trust by constantly telling them the world is better than it is. We lost their attention by bombarding them with an avalanche of messages.

The consequence is that young people have become media blind: they don’t see or hear us anymore, don’t trust us anymore, and aren’t willing to give us a second of their time. The door (and their heart) is closed.

Improving communication starts with us

We have to take the first step to make it better, to open that door again. We have to regain their trust by treating them as individuals and partners in the conversation instead of as a researchable target group. In order to do that, we need to:

1. Change our mindset: listen instead of talking.

2. Change our way of thinking about target group: fans instead of targets.

3. Change our research methods: search for inspiration instead of testing and checking.

4. Change the creative process: in-creation instead of co-creation.

5. Change the way we work: love-oriented instead of task-oriented.

To start with point #5, the last one – it may sounds awfully corny, but if you work out of love then you’ll:

• make fantastic products because you want to

• find fans for your products/brands,

• be inspired by those fans, and

• want to sell a product/idea because you really believe everybody is entitled to your great products/ideas!

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