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Generation Einstein 3.0 – Jeroen Boschman ja Inez Groenin uusi kirja nuorisomarkkinoinnista

Jeroen Boschma
Hollantilaiset Jeroen Boschma ja Inez Groen julkaisevat tällä viikolla Generation Einstein – kirjan nuorisomarkkinoinnista.

Kirjan tiivistelmä on ladattavissa täältä.

Lainaus kirjasta:

Generation Einstein is:

Social. Young people value family ties and friendships. Thanks to the social networks they know deep inside that they are not alone in this world.

Socially involved. Young people are concerned about a lot of issues, but are not interested in political and public institutions.

Functional. Usually they choose quality and functionality. There is a lot of choice, so why not choose the best/most beautiful/ most fun?

Loyal. Youngsters are in search of a safe place and find it at home, a location they like.

Looking for intimacy. Small, intimate events (like watching a DVD with friends at home, for instance) are more popular than big events.

No nonsense. Due to the overexposure to the media, they have no patience whatsoever with bull. Quick, easy, open- and-shut, please!

Media smart. Since they were babies, they have been confronted with the media – they understand advertising and have become the ultimate experts. They only need to see the advertisement to know what the marketing strategy of the company is.

Variform. Today’s youth is heterogeneous. They meet a lot of different people throughout their lives – at school, during their free time, on the Internet. They like variety. The more different souls, the more fun!

Self-aware. Children and youngsters are an important target group, and they know it. They know we watch, evaluate, re- search and target them. It makes them self-conscious, media smart and critical about commerce.

Self-confident. They know no real hunger, thirst, poverty. They grew up in increasing wealth. They have faith in the future and in themselves.

Empathic. They learn to “read” others (their classmates, parents, teachers) at an early age. They practice social behavior in their on- and offline lives.

Creative. Young people are by definition in the most creative period of their lives, in a time in which it has never been easier to be creative.

Cooperative. Kids learn to cooperate at school and they keep at it later in life.

Kirjan lanseeraustilaisuus torstaina 14.10. Amsterdamissa. Tilaisuudessa puhumassa myös 15/30 Researchin Mikko Ampuja.