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Nuorisomarkkinointipäivä 2010 – Nuorisomarkkinoinnin huippu Joseph Ciprut keynote speakerina

Nuorisomarkkinointipäivä järjestetään vuosittain tarjoamaan uusia ajatuksia nuorisomarkkinoinnin ammattilaisille. Tämän vuoksi etsimme jatkuvasti uusia, mielenkiintoisia ihmisiä, joilla on tarjota jotain uutta suomalaiselle yleisölle.

Tämän vuoden keynote speaker sijoittui kärkeen kesän aikana järjestetyssä äänestyksessä, jossa haettiin eurooppalaisen nuorisomarkkinoinnin huippuja.  Meillä on ilo saada Joseph Ciprut mukaan Nuorisomarkkinointipäivään 26.11.2010. Puheenvuoron otsikkona on ”’Co-marketing with Youth for Success in the New Era of  WWW ( Whenever, Wherever, Whatever)”

Hi Joseph, can you give us a brief introduction of yourself?
I am the Head of Insight and Consultancy for Youth Media Research, the research division of youtHolding, the leading youth marketing group in Turkey. Prior to this, I was the Director of Business Development for Millward Brown’s Turkish operations for 6 years, taking the lead as the primary business developer by creating and maintaining profitable relationships with current and potential clients. Besides determining potential sources for new business and applying sales strategies, my responsibilities included creating high profile for company through effective personal relations with marketing and media community, coordinating, performing and monitoring PR activities, writing articles, giving seminars at professional forums. In six years, number of clients increased by over 250% and we exceeded company revenue targets each year.

A member of the Turkish Market Research Association, I frequently speak at conferences on brand management and market research related topics. I enjoy teaching and conduct training seminars on business intelligence and market research at local universities and other venues. Before re-locating to Istanbul, I had my own marketing consultancy company in Boston and worked on projects for AOL, State of Massachusetts and US Department of Commerce.

Also, a dual citizen of Turkey and the US, married and father of a very curious 4 year old boy. I enjoy traveling, photography and a wide range of music from reggae to American country to blues, baroque, downbeat and hip-hop.

What do you think are the most interesting youth trends right now in your geographical area?

Turkey, with it population of 73 million is a dynamic country that straddles Europe and Asia. This is more than just a land bridge that unites two continents but a cultural bridge too because you can find traditional values as well as western traits, customs and a rich history. Turks are early adopters of consumer tech and despite high numbers of social media users and fast increase of landline broadband subscribers, mobile platform is still in its infancy here, 3G having just been introduced a few months ago. It is growing fast though, with all three gsm operators as well as Turk Telekom in heavy competition with one another for value added services.

Of special interest to youth marketers is the fact that Turkey has a median age of just under 28 and almost 30% of its population is under 14 years of age. Much promise here, especially for those companies (and their brands) that embrace the best tenets of youth marketing such as honesty, fairness and transparency.

The most interesting youth trends currently in Turkey revolve around social media. Mainly because of traditional and somewhat repressive societal norms and family lives that make it difficult for young people to mingle in informal settings, social media has become very popular as it provides a platform for communication and socializing. Turkey is number 3 in the world for facebook membership, number 1 for friendfeed usage. There are close to 30 million internet users and over 65 million cell phones, nearly 90% penetration. Great Potential for a booming mobile gaming and social app market. All three GSM operators are promoting mobile internet usage with subsidized 3G packages for smartphones and netbooks. Colorful wireless USB modems with bold graphic designs are the current rage and just recently Pokens have entered the market, positioned as the youth alternative to carrying business cards. The major challenges faced by marketers is to create meaningful dialogue with youth and creating loyalty programs to create a fan base that include their brands in their conversations with one another.

What do you think are the best practices when communicating with youth?

The best practices when communicating with youth are honesty, transparency, creating a platform that encourages a sense of community, relevant yet entertaining messages aiming to create a dialogue. Brands should be talking with them rather than at them, cleverly fusing digital media within their marketing communications, good qual and quant market research with the aim towards proper segmentation so as to finetune effective proximity marketing tactics.

Other thoughts on youth research, marketing, trend research, business etc?

A simple equation: Business = Strategy, Strategy=Marketing, Marketing = Market Research. Therefore, Business = Market Research

This equation was mentioned by Levent Erden, a leading advertising guru in Turkey, at the recent Turkish Market Research Association annual summit. I think Levent, who is the president of EURO RSCG Istanbul ad agency and head of IAB Turkey, summed the importance of market research very well. As scalable engagement is becoming more and important with fragmented media, proper market research is essential to target and engage youth whose media choices are more fragmented than other populations.

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